Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May 28, 2012 {Email}

This week has been wet! The rainy season has come and every morning it pours rain! I love the rain but it really puts a damper on the work. The whole town shuts down when the rain comes ha even the library! It's really funny. The other day we literally watched a huge rainstorm creep in from the ocean and make it's way towards us. It was crazy, i will try to attach a picture so you can see. It was just like this huge battle front crawling towards us and we could hear the rain on the rooftops like an elephant stampede ha. Not going to lie it was intimidating. It came and blasted us and then it left. It has really helped to keep the days nice and cool, which i love! To me it's like a cool spring day, but the Ghanaians don't like it at all though. They all put on jackets and hoodies ha.
The work is going good! We are still taking time with Ema because we can't seem to get enough time to sit down with him. It's been frustrating but we just gotta have patience and we will get there with him. We are preparing two others for baptism on the 9th of June! I don't know if you remember the family we were teaching a while ago, Justice and Efua? Well anyways we stopped by there to say hi to them the other day and Efua was way excited! She told us that her oldest son, Victor, had returned from school. He just graduated from High School so he will be around for a while. He was the reason we met the family in the first place. He was preparing for baptism, but had to go to boarding school. Now he is back and says he is ready to be baptized!! It was so sweet! Hopefully it will spark his family to gain that desire again. They have kind of lost it because Efua can't seem to stop her Methodist church. We will keep on keeping on with them :) The other person we are preparing is Eric. He is 26 years old and is a sweet guy! He is into all that cultural dancing and stuff. By the looks of him you would never know but he can't speak English. So we've been having translators help us and he is really accepting the message. So on the 9th they will be baptized. We are praying we can get Ema prepared by then too. 
Just so you all know we sadly had to kill the scorpion this week... Ha it actually isn't all that dangerous as long as you don't act dumb around it. We played with him a little and then Elder Ametewee had to kill it. Sad day. Mom, i would love to have a pet monkey but yeah some of the monkeys i send you pictures of are pretty vicious. The ones in Kumasi were ok but down here they use them to show to the tourists so the monkeys aren't happy. Maybe i'll find a tame one and take it home with me. But yeah, everything is great!! I love Ghana. Hope you all have a great week!

Elder Rogers

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