Wednesday, March 28, 2012

March 26, 2012 {Email}

This week was a busy one with the transfers and everything.We had our work cut out for us to organize how everyone was going to get to their new areas ha but everything went smoothly and all the missionaries are safe in their new areas. It's crazy because Elder Hair was saying that next transfer will be even bigger. Yikes! And i won't be having Elder Gibson to help me since he'll be flying home ha it'll be exciting :) 
The greatest thing happened this week! Emmanuel and Millicent finally did the traditional marriage so they are now living together under the commandment. Millicent can now be baptized! She has been ready for like two months and finally on Saturday she will be baptized! Elder Gibson and I have been waiting for this to happen for so long ha when we heard it was going to happen we were shocked and in disbelief, but it did and we were able to witness it. It was a sweet experience. We are also working with another husband and wife, Benjamin and Patience, so they can be baptized. They will have to do the traditional marriage as well. Hopefully they can get it done this week. It seems like we keep getting trends of things we are working on with our investigators like a month ago the Word of Wisdom was a common problem and now we are working with marriage ha both things we are not experienced in at all but we try our best ha. It really helps us to see how much we have to rely on the spirit to help us know how to help them. I love this work! 
Elder Rogers
Emanuel and Millicent at their traditional wedding with their family.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March 19, 2012 {Email}

Well, transfer news came and surprisingly i am going to.... be staying in Cape Coast for another 6 weeks! I wasn't expecting that at all, but i'm way excited! I will get to kill off Elder Gibson and get to see a few more sweet baptisms in these next 6 weeks. The transfer is huge! They have created two more zones up in Kumasi. Asuoyeboa is now a zone and Elder Smith is going up there to be a zone leader in that area. I'm so stoked for him to serve there! That zone will be Asuoyeboa, Abuakwa and the sisters area Nwamase. So basically that is my zone ha! Also Elder Wheeler will be a zone leader for the new Asokwa zone so i will get to see him at zone leader council! That guy is such a stud.

Our area is going well still even though the baptisms have slowed down a bit. We had two new people receive baptismal dates this week. The first is Elizabeth, we call her Mother. She knew the church from her Uncle who was a devoted member in 2nd ward. He died in December and that got her a little interested in the church after she came to the funeral there. We met her towards the end of February and now she has come to love the message and know it's true. This lady is a sweet, nice lady. She is about 36 years old with two younger children. When we first met her she couldn't really understand the english very well so we tried to keep it very simple but as time has gone on she can understand us almost perfectly now, it's amazing. That's happened with a lot of our recent converts too. Having the Spirit in their lives has blessed them in many ways. The other person that received a baptismal date is Rozzy. He is a 30 year old that we stopped as he was walking by us about a month ago. It took a couple weeks for us to meet him and we had almost forgotten about him until Elder Jarwee and Orobator saw him and he told them he wanted to see us. So we finally got time and he has understood and accepted the Restoration so well. He was the one to ask us when he could be baptized. So we are planning for Mother on the 31st and Rozzy on the 7th. We'll see how it goes, but i'm way excited for them!

Have a great week!

Elder Rogers

Members in our ward
P-day today playing on the FIFA turf field in Cape
(there are only 7 of them in Africa!)
Me, Elder Reid, Elder Barnett and Elder Gibson on top of a fort 
The transfer board in our apartment.
It's the biggest transfer there has ever been.

Monday, March 12, 2012

March 12, 2012 {Email}

It has been a very good week! We have just been continuing to meet with all of the people that we are teaching. One thing with the work right now is that we are going to have to be a lot more patient with the investigators we have such as Jerlon, and Patrick. They are sweet guys, but they are just going to need some more time to REALLY know that this is what they need to do. I have enjoyed being around them because we haven't known what we are going to do to help them so we're just being forced to rely on the Lord to guide us. I'll be sure to let you know what is going on with these two. But this week we won't be having a baptism, we will hopefully be shooting for the 31st of March. Before i forget i have to give a shout out to my little sis, Happy 18th Birthday Kacey!!! Or are you 17 again? haha love ya! :) I can't believe Brayden, Blake and Junior are all going to be home this week! I'm way excited for them. 

This week on Saturday we will be getting transfer news and me and Elder Gibson have NO IDEA what is going to happen! The mission is going crazy right now so we could go anywhere or we could just stay put. I don't know. I'm really anxious for it though ha i don't think i will be able to keep it off my mind all that much. I have loved this area soo much. I can't see myself leaving this place so we'll see what happens. 

Elder Rogers 

Monday, March 5, 2012

March 5, 2012 {Email}

This week was another great one! We are having tons of people that are really thinking about this message and coming to church to see if it's true. We are teaching a family that owns a drinking spot. We just randomly met them one night when we were going for a follow up visit of another guy we had contacted. They said they wanted us to come so we did. The wife, Patience, has been coming to church for 4 weeks straight! The husband, Ben, came this week for the first time. We extended a baptismal date to Patience on the 31st. Ben can hopefully show more faith and repentance so he can join her. The only problem is their marriage. In Ghana it happens that people just start living together when they have children without actually being married. They have to do at least the traditional marriage which is like the bride price to be baptized. They are both wanting to get married so hopefully we can get that done before the 31st. She is a really sweet, quiet lady that just loves the church.

Enoch was sustained as our new ward mission leader this week. It's going to be awesome to work with him in the missionary work. Joel and Benjamin, two recent converts, blessed the sacrament on sunday! They did great too.

The work is just great here! I'm a little full right now from the powerful lunch we had with my MT's. We made some Chicken, rice and bean burritos! It was sooo good! Just like cafe' rio I swear!

Well, it's crazy to hear that all my friends are getting home soon. They have been such great examples for me to follow. Wish i could be there to welcome them but that time will just have to wait another 6 months when they can welcome me home. Crazy how fast time flies!

Enoch and his sister Veronica
Me and my MT's at the mission tour 
 Today eating my 18 month celebration meal