Monday, March 5, 2012

March 5, 2012 {Email}

This week was another great one! We are having tons of people that are really thinking about this message and coming to church to see if it's true. We are teaching a family that owns a drinking spot. We just randomly met them one night when we were going for a follow up visit of another guy we had contacted. They said they wanted us to come so we did. The wife, Patience, has been coming to church for 4 weeks straight! The husband, Ben, came this week for the first time. We extended a baptismal date to Patience on the 31st. Ben can hopefully show more faith and repentance so he can join her. The only problem is their marriage. In Ghana it happens that people just start living together when they have children without actually being married. They have to do at least the traditional marriage which is like the bride price to be baptized. They are both wanting to get married so hopefully we can get that done before the 31st. She is a really sweet, quiet lady that just loves the church.

Enoch was sustained as our new ward mission leader this week. It's going to be awesome to work with him in the missionary work. Joel and Benjamin, two recent converts, blessed the sacrament on sunday! They did great too.

The work is just great here! I'm a little full right now from the powerful lunch we had with my MT's. We made some Chicken, rice and bean burritos! It was sooo good! Just like cafe' rio I swear!

Well, it's crazy to hear that all my friends are getting home soon. They have been such great examples for me to follow. Wish i could be there to welcome them but that time will just have to wait another 6 months when they can welcome me home. Crazy how fast time flies!

Enoch and his sister Veronica
Me and my MT's at the mission tour 
 Today eating my 18 month celebration meal

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