Monday, December 6, 2010

December 6, 2010 {Email}

It has been a sweet week for Elder Harris and I. This Sunday Tony was confirmed a member, that was really cool! The work has been picking up very quickly! We have gotten quite a few new serious investigators that are way cool to teach and to be around. We actually had 5 investigators at church this week! It was awesome, at first there was no one, but as the meeting went on they just kept coming in one by one. It is such a cool feeling when you see that person you want so much to have this gospel in their lives take the right steps to being baptized. Right now, we have one girl, Jennifer, who is preparing for baptism. She hasn't committed yet because it is really hard for her to leave her other church where she has responsibilities. She feels really guilty and i completely understand, she has been there her whole life. I would probably feel the same way. Hopefully she will be able to find the strength to leave her church and be baptized. She is a sweet girl and will be an awesome member! She also has a sweet family, so when she is baptized she will have a big impact on their decisions as well. I'm really excited for the next couple weeks to see her grow and hopefully commit.

Time is flying! Wow, I can't believe Christmas is already less then 3 weeks away! Christmas here is definitely not the same though. I hear they celebrate it alot, but there isn't the decorations around town like back at home. Also, there isn't really Christmas music around, but if you ask someone about Christmas they will get way excited about it. I'm stoked to see what it is like here in Ghana! It is just really weird to know it is Christmas time, but then i go outside and sweat!! Strange feeling...

Today we had a zone v. zone football (soccer) match. It was way cool. We played on a full pitch with grass so that was awesome. These guys are so good and i'm not very experienced in that area of athletics so i'm not the best. Their zone beat ours 3-0. Not a good day for the Bantama Zone. Oh well, you give us a baseball, basketball, or even an american football and we will win. Just like the olympics. The only thing the U.S. isn't very good at is soccer because all of our great athletes play other sports. If we had Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Chris Paul, Deron Williams all playing soccer, CHAMPIONSHIP! That is what i tell these people when they start bragging about Ghana beating the U.S. in the world cup. Ha its too bad they don't have a clue who these people are.

Well it was another sweet week and i'm really looking forward to a busy week this week!

Love you all,

Elder Rogers

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  1. Not only does he look soooo happy in every picture, but he also sounds so happy! I love the pictures of him by the temple. Just wondering about what he was about to eat in that one picture...he actually looks happy that he is about to eat it!! We love Zack and are so thankful you are sharing his experiences!!! THANK YOU!!