Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November 30, 2010 {Email}

Well, Thanksgiving in Ghana is definitely not the same, but it was still way good and one i will never forget! Almost our whole zone went to Chopsticks to get pizza! This pizza is so good, but its kind of expensive compared to everything else we have so we have to wait until times like this to have it. I had a nice sausage pizza and i split a hawaiian pizza with Elder Holmes. To go along with it i had a nice 1.5 liter coke ha yup that was my amazing thanksgiving meal! I know you are all so jealous right now :)

The rest of the week was just as usual! Elder Harris and I have been doing great! I really hope we get to stay together for at least another transfer so we can spend christmas together. This kid is awesome! At first he seemed not my type at all, he loves music and art and stuff and i'm the athlete who can only carry on a conversation if it involves sports ha. As i have gotten to know him, i have found out how sweet he really is! I'm so glad that i got matched up with him to be my trainer! I can't believe he will be 14 months on mission this week. He will be home before i know it. Once he's gone i only have a year left. Crazy! Time flies!

We had our baptism for Tony this week too! I was so happy for him and it was such a sweet experience! We actually had his friend Felex do the ordinance which was way cool. It took him three tries to dunk him ha i guess they are both way scared of the water. Baptizing Africans is not easy. It was so scary though, right during the baptism i looked down and wouldn't you know it... there was a huge lizard inside the church just running underneath us all! I could hardly focus on the baptism because i was so scared the whole time that this thing was going to attack me. Lizards are always coming at me i swear and everyone just laughs at me. They are attracted to me for some reason. They probably can sense my fear. Too bad i can't man up and just deal with them ha they are too scary for me!

I got half of my christmas package from my family this week! It was sweet! Thank you so much for it! Even though it came a month early i still felt the same christmas spirit opening it up by my christmas tree that Grandma Lucy sent me! It was fun, thank you a ton!

I love you all so much! Have a great week!

Love, Elder Rogers

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  1. I comment on everything! But that is only because I LOVE reading his blog and his mission experiences. I think you ought to buy Zack a plastic toy lizard and send it to him so he can get use to lizards. That is so funny. This post made me crack up laughing. You've raised an amazing son!! Thanks so much for sharing his experiences!!