Monday, November 8, 2010

November 8, 2010 {Email}

So this week was a crazy week for Elder Harris and I! First we had to help Elder Vanchiere get all his stuff ready so he could be transferred on Wednesday up to Sunyani to start up a new area. That will be awesome to see how much work he will get to do there, i hope someday i can open an area like that. The worst part about him leaving is his washing machine is going with him! So now we all have to wash by hand, which I have already learned is not easy at all. I may come home with my shirts looking pretty brown unless i figure this out haha. One really cool thing is the new missionary in our apartment, Elder Marsan, is from Liberia. He is super sweet and we got talking and I asked him if he knew Elder Quinn Linde. Ha his face lit up with a huge smile! So tell Quinn that Elder Marsan says hi.

Since our week was shortened to just a few days to proselyte we were very busy on all those days. We actually had a day where we had lessons lined up for every hour, it was so sweet and only two of them failed. We have still just been teaching a lot of people, but lately we are finding out that hardly any of them are serious so we are going to have to start having to make some tough decisions on whether or not we should drop them. That is the worst thing on mission, we have done it once and it just feels so bad but there is really nothing else that can be done.

Tony is still progressing really good! He loves the gospel and comes to church every week and is ready for baptism! All we need now is to get with all of the Elders and find a good date for everyone and then it will be done. I'm so exciting for him, he is going to be an awesome member and future leader in this branch! Yesterday we finally got to listen to half of conference! Wow, it was so powerful! It was the first time I have actually put all my effort into hearing every word that each speaker said. I especially loved President Monsons talk on having an attitude of gratitude. I am going to do my best to follow his words because I know that it will help me a lot on mission.

Finally I saw some wildlife!!!! I saw with my own two eyes a living monkey!! Ha now I feel like i'm in Africa. It was sad though because the people had him chained to the bottom of a semi truck on one of those bars that hang. i don't know what they were going to do with it but being the animal lover I am I wanted to go rescue it and take it back to the apartment with me. I'm mad that I didn't try I hope it is ok though. I still think its sweet that I saw a monkey.

Today as we walked through town there was a lady selling fried bat as in like a bat that flies in the night sky. Elder Harris and another missionary purchased one to try ha and I had a little bit. It surprisingly wasn't too bad but it looked disgusting, it was still in the whole shape and all with eyeballs haha.

Everything is awesome here in Ghana! I'm excited for another great week in the mission field!

I love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Zack Rogers

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  1. I love reading about all of the experiences Zack is having. Who would have thought he would have ever tried to eat bat????? Not me!!! :)
    What an awesome missionary he is. Thanks for sharing his missionary experiences with all of us.
    -Amy Call