Tuesday, November 16, 2010

November 16, 2010 {Email}

Well, it has been another great week, but crazy week in Abuakwa! We are really starting to get busy here. For example, we were out in that Akropong village to see our one investigators, but she wasn't there. We were in an awkward situation because our next appointment wasn't for another 3 hours in the same village so we didn't want to go back to Abuakwa. Also it is almost impossible to do much in a village that you don't know so we decided to wait for a while in the shade by her house. It was kinda nice relaxing for a bit because the breeze was coming in on us and it felt really good. After about a half hour she came around the corner! We went to teach her but she brought us to all of her family to meet them too. Sweet! She didn't keep her promise though so we weren't able to teach her further that day but we taught all of her family and friends though! We got 7 referrals that day and 3 of those are a family! I'm really excited to go back out there and see where the Lord will take us with these people. Elder Harris and I are going to be pretty busy with that. 

On the other side of Abuakwa is a village called Sepaase. We are also teaching some people there. We have one investigator named Jennifer, who is way solid and is really fun to teach. She actually thinks about what we are saying and evaluates how it will effect her life. We have taught all the way through the restoration and we will be going back tomorrow to give her a BoM. The part that frustrated me was she came to church last week, but when we invited her to come this week she said she had to go to Pastor Appreciation Day. How freaking ridiculous ha. They all go and buy clothes and food for their pastor on this day. What kind of church leader would make his followers do that?? It just frustrates me that this actually happens. Hopefully, we can have a sweet lesson tomorrow with her. She also has given us a lot of referrals. So our area is stretching a lot! It's fun though.

Yesterday we had zone conference with President Sabey. It was crazy! During it he revealed to us the plans they have for developing the church in Sunyani. Right now they have 6 missionaries and a senior couple up there with 3 meeting houses that are actually the apartments. Pretty sweet! Next transfer another companionship will be there with another meeting house. It's crazy stuff. He has figured out that if we split the missionaries so their is one companionship to each group, branch, or ward then the work will grow really fast. Rather than focusing on an area with 4 missionaries. THEN, he showed us his epic plan for Kumasi!!! Right now we have 8 meeting places which is not near enough. In 6 months he plans on having 22!!!!! This is insane!! That means there will be 12 new areas in Kumasi with one companionship to each one. His goal was to have Kumasi, Ghana become it's own mission by the time he leaves in June. This news made me way excited/nervous because our apartment is guaranteed to split soon since we have 4 to one branch. Some crazy stuff is going on here and it is way exciting to see where this mission is heading. Our mission president is so intune with the Lord and all these plans come from revelation i know.

Oh, I also got the two packages from home, which were great! Spitz BBQ sunflower seeds, oh wow they are so powerful! I love my family and friends so much! Thank you for all your prayers and support. Each and every one of you are so amazing!

Well that is just a little update on the mission. Oh, and Tony is still doing great! Should be baptized not this sunday but the next!


Elder Rogers

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