Monday, February 14, 2011

February 14, 2011 {Email}


Well everything is still just chugging along here in Abuakwa! It seems like every time i think about time it seems like it just disappears! Elder Yapo and i have already been together for half a transfer. Things in the branch are going great and once again the highlight of my week is Emmanuel. We have continued teaching him since the baptism and last night we had the sweetest discussion about missionary work. He told me last sunday he was going to serve a mission, which is what they all say so i usually just say that's great! but don't think much of it. But Emmanuel is for realz about it! He purchased his new scriptures and liahona yesterday and was telling us how much studying he needed to do. He is putting all his effort into becoming a missionary and i can tell you he is going to be a great one!!! I love having discussions about missionary work because it is a reminder of why i am here and how great of a work this is! I always read my favorite scripture in D&C 18:15-16 to tell them how i feel about it. That scripture is really good and keeps me going.

Today for Valentines day, the sisters made us fried rice which was way good! They also expected us all to bring them valentines gifts??? I had forgotten it was even valentines day ha as i'm sure everyone else had except for the african missionaries of course, they are all over it! It was funny though ha. Not too much you can do for Valentines day when your on mission. Oh well haha.

I hope you all have a great day!


Elder Rogers

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