Monday, May 16, 2011

May 16, 2011 {Email}

It was another sweet week! Brother Okian and his two children were confirmed and he also got the aaronic priesthood. He was so happy to finally get it since we haven't been able to because of general and stake conferences the last two weeks. It just came up to me with a big smile on his face and gave me a strong Ghanaian handshake. It makes me so happy to see the light come in their lives.

We have been very blessed these past few weeks with meeting people who are just ready to "live" the gospel. As we go around everyone always calls the white men over and says they want to hear the gospel, but that's all they want to do. Lately we have met several people who are ready to live the gospel. It's been such a blessing to be an instrument in the Lord's hands to be a part of these people coming to know the truth. For some reason the people here in Asuoyeboa are way receptive, even Elder Wright says this is unlike anything he has seen on his mission and he's been here long, ha long enough that he got his travel plans today haha he seems to be stressing a little bit. I haven't been helping with the situation much either ha i tease him a lot. Anyways, We have met so many really cool people that understand the importance of the message we have. They understand why they need to be baptized into the only true church. It has been so awesome to be a part of!

This week something terrible happened to me! Possibly the worst thing on mission so far... I was going to make my usual bread and egg sandwich in the morning and i had 3 eggs left so i decided to use them all. The first one i cracked looked a little strange and didn't come out very smoothly but i didn't care ha it can't hurt me. Then i went to crack the next egg and right when my fork (yeah, we have forks!) hit the egg BAM!!! the egg exploded! Man i was in shock! Elder Wright asked, "What was that?" I just replied, "My egg??" I had no idea eggs could blow up! As i looked at it i saw that it was all black inside and then the smell came. UGH! Man it took everything i had not to vomit. Elder Wright fled the seen ha. Then i checked the next egg and the same thing happened! What in the world?! The smell was beyond terrible now. My first reaction was to wash it down the sink but our water wasn't running. Then i panicked! I put it in a black plastic bag, tied it tight and ran outside and threw it in the neighbors backyard! Maybe not the smartest thing to do, but i was not thinking straight at all. That yard was close to our bedroom so we went and barricaded ourselves inside to avoid the smell and it worked. I didn't smell it again. I still don't know how i didn't throw up, but i am sure that was the worst smell i have ever had go through my nostrils. Even thinking about it right now i want to just gag. All i gotta say is sorry for whoever finds that black bag. Not good at all. Other than that the week was just fabulous! 

Being in Ghana is so humbling. Even as missionaries we are expected to live off of 3 cedis a day which is like 2 dollars. At first it seemed like nothing but after i began to see the people here and how they survive i realized that 3 cedis is living good here. That is 3 meals and that's all you need. To think back home i would spend 12 dollars at cafe rio just blows my mind, i can't even imagine that right now, but it was normal and still is for all of you. It's just a weird thing how blessed we are back home, if only i could have seen it before coming to this wonderful place. 

I really love it here in Ghana!

Elder Rogers

This is from their Easter baptism.
Show this picture to Andy Nielson, it's his mt. He is now in my ward and is our ward missionary leader.

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