Monday, May 30, 2011

May 30, 2011 {Email}

Well, this was a crazy week! First to start out, Elder Wright woke up early Tuesday morning and as i walked by him to go to the "private" (bathroom ha) he just looked at me and said very quietly "I'm sick". He didn't look good at all. It turned out he had Typhoid! He slept for like two days straight! And then on Friday he was back to full strength! He says he doesn't get sick very often but when he does it is bad. Kinda like my dad haha.

So with him better we had a lot of work to do on Fri. and Sat. to prepare for the baptism and try to see our investigators before Sunday. We got things done and not going to lie it took like all of our energy riding all over the place. We even rode our bikes to Abuakwa to do interviews so i got to see Jennifer and Juliet again! They are doing great but still not coming to church :(. It was cool to see Abuakwa again though.

Everything went well and Sunday came around. There was going to be eleven total baptisms in our district! Two of them were our investigators Kwesi and Douglas! Two sweet sweet guys! All of them were so excited!

When we got to church we informed the bishop of the baptism and began to fill the font which has drain that goes to it. About an hour later i had a thought, "go check the font" so in the middle of the sacrament meeting i went to check it and sure enough the water had stopped flowing! there was only an inch of water in the font! The reason it stopped was because the power was out. I informed the members and they just told us to do the baptism next week. We did not want to postpone this baptism, there are 11 people excited and ready to be baptized so we will do the baptism for them! So we suggested we fetch water and the members didn't like that idea so we, me, Elder Wright, Elder Ekaette, and Elder Chewaka went and began fetching water in hopes to fill the font within two hours. That was A LOT of water and it took all we had to just get enough water for someone to be baptized. I was dead tired after that! But it worked! The water wasn't the cleanest but we got it done. The Abuakwa people showed up with their investigators and the baptism was completed. It was such a sweet baptism and i am so grateful the Lord helped us to fill the font in time. I don't think we could've gotten that done on any given day but He helped us to get it done on this day for these wonderful people. Sure enough right when the baptism was over the power came back on haha so now the water was running but we didn't need it. Oh well ha i don't really know the reason why He had us fetch the water for the font but whatever it is i am glad to be a part of it.

Now for transfer news! One of the AP's called us this morning and told Elder Wright we were not going to be companions after today so we were bummed all day and just depressed. We have been hoping so much to be able to stay together to work hard in this area and keep it going. We didn't know what was going to happen just that we weren't companions anymore. Then we got a call from Elder Akoki (my grandfather) who was in the mission home on his way home. He gave us the hint that we were both training! Now we were really anxious to get the real news. But it didn't come and we were both really quiet all day. Finally, just as we were about to start doing our wash, President Sabey called and told us that we were both going to be training just as we heard AND that we would both be in Asuoyeboa still!!!!!!! Sweet! I am so happy i still get to be around Elder Wright and in this area! This is such a sweet transfer! The other two will be leaving and we will get two fresh greenies in our apartment. I am way nervous about training but hey how else am i supposed to grow if i never do these things. It will be a great opportunity and it will be fun to do it with Elder Wright!

That is a crazy week i know! Holy smokes mission is changing!

Love you! Have a great, fun week!

Elder Rogers

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