Tuesday, June 7, 2011

June 6, 2011 {Email}

Well, training is very different than normal missionary work but its not bad. My new greeny is Elder Baraza from Kenya!! Yeah it has been way fun to get to know him and more about his country. He is a very quiet kid though and i have to force him to talk. I think he is still in culture shock since Ghana is a lot different then Kenya. Kenya seems to be very civilized kinda like America. He misses cheese and milk just like me ha. Other missionaries have said that the Kenyans are as close to Americans as the African missionaries get. It's been fun. It is definitely different being the senior companion though. Being the one in charge all day and making the schedule, starting the lessons, giving commitments and lots of other stuff is a change from what i have done before. My mission has mostly been pretty equal with my companions but now i have to take the load until he gets acquainted with this mission life. He is coming small small and will soon be a powerful missionary. He has a very strong testimony. And by the way he is Elder Sitati's (General Authority) nephew haha so no pressure. I better train him right since i know that ha.

Something else that is new is my area. Since me and Elder Wright were together in Tonaso someone had to take the other companionships side of Asuoyeboa and it ended up being me. The place is called Kwadaso and is a lot like Abuakwa with the dirt roads and stuff. I am still trying to learn it. It is cool though, now i have served in three neighboring areas, Abuakwa to Tanoso to Kwadaso ha yeah i will know this side of Kumasi fairly well.

Elder Wright's greeny is Elder Wheeler from Bountiful, Utah! It has been so much fun to see an American greeny and to see how weird all of ya'll are haha jk. He has been adjusting very slowly and we are still trying to get him to eat fufu. I'll tell you once you start to do the Ghanaian things then everything becomes so fun!

It's been a crazy week though! Lots of changes for me. I'm loving it and my new companion Elder Baraza.

Time is flying by. Remember when i just got my call and we said I would have a new mission president when i was 10 months? That day is coming! It's going so fast!

Love ya tons!

Elder Rogers

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