Thursday, June 16, 2011

June 13, 2011 {Email}

This week was pretty sweet for us in Kwadaso. We basically got a whole bunch of new investigators so it was a lot of walking around, contacting and trying to learn the area more. Kwadaso is seriously a maze for us. It's just a bunch of straight dirt roads that all look the exact same. Everytime we look for someones place we keep saying, "It's gotta be the next one!" Usually we are wrong and we are actually going the wrong way. Ha it's an adventure! We do get to meet a lot of sweet people because of it though.

Being with Elder Baraza has been a different experience. It's strange to have an African companion fresh in the mission field. He is very new to the Ghanaian life because Kenya is a lot different. I think he has told me about everything there is to know about his country and i could probably write an encyclopedia about Kenya now haha. It's cool though, it's always fun to learn new cultures especially these African cultures.

On Sunday we had a powerful church service. We had a few of our investigators show up, but one of the most rewarding things for me every Sunday is to see the people that i love in Tonaso come to church. A lot of the people me and Elder Wright were teaching are now preparing for their baptisms! It's so sweet to be a part of it still and every week they just come up to me and give me a big handshake and say they miss seeing me. Elder Wheeler, Elder Wrights greeny, is really lucky to have come into such a sweet situation with so much success. I tend to get jealous that he gets to be with Elder Wright and the people of Tonaso everyday but its good for him to be with such sweet people. Hopefully soon we will have people like that in Kwadaso! 

Elder Rogers

Me and Elder Baraza
Eating fu fu at Grandma's place
Our last baptism - Pretty sweet huh!?

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