Thursday, July 14, 2011

July 11, 2011 {Email}

This week was great again! I'm just going to continue talking about Edmond and his family because they are everything to me right now ha. Well, this week was another great step for them. On monday night we gave them the Book of Mormon, which they were very excited about. They took it and wanted to read it plenty! The next time we came, we started talking about the plan of salvation, which they understood and were very happy to hear the beliefs that we have because they believe the same things. During this lesson, Judith, the wife, asked about baptisms and how long they have to wait in our church before they can be baptized. We explained how people are baptized when they are ready, then i asked them both if they wanted to be baptized... They looked at me with big smiles and nodded their heads yes! We set a date for them on August 21st! We taught them two more times this week after that and finished the plan of salvation. At church on sunday the entire family was there! During priesthood class they were talking about temples, baptisms for the dead and sealings right in front of Edmond. He had not yet learned these things so he was pretty confused. That night we went and talked about temples with them, which is my favorite lesson to give. The temple is everything for us! I was kind of nervous for the lesson that they wouldn't understand it, but they understood it perfectly and were so happy when they learned that they needed to and could be sealed for all eternity. Edmond asked if he could take his family to Accra right after their baptism ha. They want to go! So sweet!

Then after the lesson they told us that they were going to have to move to her mothers place on Saturday... :(. It is very far, out towards Lake Bosomtwe. Too far for them to come to Asuoyeboa. The closest area is Atonsu, which my MTC companion Elder Smith is in so today i told him about it and he was stoked to find them and continue teaching them. I was so depressed when i heard that they were moving because this family is so close and they have such a strong desire to live this gospel and join the Church, but now they have a trial in their way. I know this family will have a strong enough faith to find the church no matter where they are. I'm glad Elder Smith is taking care of them too, i love that guy! It's going to be hard to say goodbye to them but it's what we do as missionaries. I think they have been the ultimate highlight for my mission so far. I will never forget them.

Elder Baraza is doing great! We just got transfer news and all of us are staying in Asuoyeboa. I found out Elder Harris is training again so i now have a brother! Ha hopefully i see Elder Harris before he goes home, i miss that guy a ton. Everything is going great here! I love you all!

Elder Rogers

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