Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 4, 2011 {Email}

This week i have gotten to know maybe the coolest family that i have met yet! They aren't members, but i pray and hope they will be soon. On the 26th the father, Edmond, came to church and that was the first time i met him. We sent up an appointment to meet with him on Wednesday. He was cool at church and we were happy to go and see him. When Wednesday came around he was ready for us right on time, which is not very common for Ghanaians. Not only him but he had his wife, Judith there, and his 2 year old girl Karen and 6 month old boy Ezekiel. When we walked in and sat down Judith immediately came and put little Ezekiel in my arms. The happiness and trust they showed to us that first night was unlike anything i have ever seen. They really wanted to listen to us and know more about this Church. As for Judith she doesn't speak or read English too much but she can hear it really well. The whole lesson it was so powerful, the way everything just clicked with them. They understood! Karen was being a typical two year old girl the entire lesson, just grabbing everything in sight ha it was awesome. I gave her a Joseph Smith pamphlet to hold on to and then she stood up and started fanning me with it ha she drilled me right in the nose with it and then said "Kafra" which means sorry in Twi. Ha she was so cute the whole time. We gave them a commitment to read together a couple pages in the restoration pamphlet and they were excited to do so. The next time we came they TOGETHER had gone through the entire pamphlet! They asked questions that they had about it and as we answered everything fell into place. It just clicked to them! He understood everything about Joseph Smith, as did Judith, and he really believed it. At the end of this lesson he kept saying he wanted to learn more about the Book of Mormon. He has that desire to know more! They were all way happy again and Karen was playing the whole time during that lesson.
On Sunday, Edmond came to church again. Judith couldn't make it because the children but should be there next week. In church Edmond was asking the members so many questions during investigators class and priesthood. It was so cool in priesthood because they were talking about the "Keys to the priesthood". He asked a question and then the whole rest of the lesson was directed towards him. He was loving it and understanding very well. After church he made sure we were going to come that night to talk about the Book of Mormon! He wanted to know everything. We came and discussed it. We taught the lesson in a different way then we had ever taught it, it was really neat. He loved it and Judith loved it too! Karen was still just jumping off the walls ha. The problem was we were out of Books of Mormon so tonight he made us promise to bring one to him and that is where we are going to go after this email session. I'm so excited! This family is amazing! I love them so much and wouldn't mind just teaching and talking to them all day every day! It has been such a blessing to meet these wonderful people.
I love you all! Have a great week!
Elder Rogers

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