Monday, September 19, 2011

September 19, 2011 {Email}

First, i will definitely see Elder Harris when he comes to the mission home and i will see Vanchiere and holmes since they are a part of this huge group! This next transfer i think we are getting like 19 missionaries and the one after that is like 29! Crazy! Our mission is going to be so young, i don't even know what to think. Every missionary will be training or holding a leadership position i swear. The weather here is perfect for me. We have been around the mission home alot this week helping out with one of the missionaries in our zone so we have been experiencing "air conditioning". Yeah A/C! Ha the funny part is we all suffer with it. It's too cold and every time we go outside or leave the room i am relieved to feel the warm, humid air ha. Who woulda thunk that? I seriously would prefer no a/c now, it's crazy! I have no idea how all of you survive with it all day every day. I think i might die because of too much a/c when i get back. Anyways last night we had a pretty long day doing some things and at the end of the day Sister Shulz insisted that we allow her to cook us a dinner ha. She did and it was amazing!!! We had a spaghetti dinner with some green beans, carrots, pineapple, and bread. It was so good! It was also cool to sit around the table with a bunch of people like it was a family dinner. President and Sister Shulz are the coolest people! They seriously love being here and being with the missionaries.

As for the work, Selena came to church again! She is powerful! We will have to see how much she can progress with the lessons this week so we can know when to set a baptismal date. All of our other investigators are still in the early stages, not too much progression but we hope they will come around soon. We also hope this new ward mission plan we have to baptize 10 people into our ward before the end of the year will bring some referrals. Referrals are the best way for the work to be effective, so we are praying that it will happen. We'll see! Anyways it was a cool week here in Cape, hope all is well back there! 

Elder Rogers

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