Thursday, September 1, 2011

August 29, 2011 {Email}

Hey! Yeah, a lot has changed for me in the last week, but it is all good. I have learned that we need to change in our life to keep moving forward. I was really comfortable in Asuoyeboa and probably would've stayed there the rest of my mission if i had the choice. But coming to Cape Coast is such a sweet and new experience. Elder Harris was right about me being a zone leader. It's definitely something new for me and will be a challenge but i think just like anything else we are called to do, i will get the hang of it as time goes. The area that me and Elder Lawton serve in is right in Cape Coast town. So as we walk around we walk right by the Cape Coast castle and all the big boats they use for fishing. It's pretty neat to be in this beautiful place. Of course there is a lot of tourists so it's always strange to see and obroni (white person) walking around ha i'm definitely not used to that. The food here is a little different. Fufu is not near as big and they make it with one person. They hold a small pounding stick while sitting and they drive and pound at the same time by themselves. So i will miss pounding fufu for all the people. For us missionaries we eat basically the same thing as everywhere else we serve. The big difference between here and Kumasi has to be the weather. The humidity is off the roof! Holy cow, luckily we have a nice sea breeze through most of the day or i would suffer. When it's not there i just turn into a waterfall of sweat haha jk it's not that bad, but still it's not nice either. At night i don't have to use a fan because our apartment is on a hill like a mile off the shore so we get an awesome breeze coming through our windows. I even get cold at night. Elder Lawton is doing something i never imagined, sleeping with a hoodie on ha it's crazy! It is also way neat to be so close to President and Sister Shulz. We probably will see them a couple times a week. It's been great to get to know them better, they are awesome people! Cape Coast is actually made up of 3 wards, we are in the 1st ward and we all worship in one building so we have a block schedule. Next week we start worshipping at 2 o'clock! The members in the ward have been there for long since the church did start in Cape Coast so many of them were part of the pioneering of the church in Ghana. It's pretty neat to see these people. It's been a very different experience and i'm looking forward to becoming more acquainted with this place. I can't wait to gain that love i had for the Asuoyeboa people for these people in Cape Coast.
I hope you all have a great week!

Elder Rogers

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