Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August 22, 2011 {Email}

Well, I had to say goodbye to a lot more people than just Elder Wright this week. On Saturday night i received a phone call from President Shulz that i was being transferred. Usually calls don't come on Saturday so i was confused. He told me that i would be going to Cape Coast. I was immediately sad because i knew i would be leaving Kumasi and Elder Baraza and the amazing Asuoyeboa ward. I'm way glad they called on Saturday though because i got to join Elder Wright with giving a farewell testimony in church the next day. It was so good to be able to say good bye to them all. Leaving Asuoyeboa felt like leaving home all over again. It was the first time i have seen Ghanaians cry in church. I have gotten so close to all of them! I will always remember the friendships i gained there. 

We had a sweet baptism too, where our recent convert Okian baptized the remaining members of his family, his wife and 8 year old son. It was awesome! After the baptism we went to Bantama to meet up with Elder Wrights MT's so they could be taken to Cape by the AP's. Our mission is going to be so strange without them. It is a sad week for all of us, but we will get new ones soon. As for me, i hopped on that tro tro with all these MT's and made my way down to Cape Coast on Sunday afternoon. What an experience that was to listen to all those guys reflect on their missions. Cape Coast is sweet though! I got here last night with Elder Wright and his MT's. What a sweet place this is! I will get to know a lot of the missionaries here pretty well. I'm in a whole new world and can't find my way around at all ha. It will be fun though. My companion is Elder Lawton. He is from Australia and is 18 months on mission. I could possibly kill him since we will both be here for a while. Who knows! This guy is tight! He was trained by Elder Wright too. This morning i woke up and saw the Ocean outside our window! Then we went to play basketball on the beach. It is so sweet! Elder Lawton and I will be very busy this next week with transfers and stuff and i'm way excited to learn from and be with this guy for a while.

Elder Wheeler and Elder Baraza are both going to be training in Asuoyeboa! It's crazy. The total age of all 4 of the missionaries there will be 7 months ha. They should do great though! Big changes in the Cape Coast mission. It's exciting. I miss the Asuoyeboa people so much, but i know i will meet some sweet people here in Cape. It was Elder Wright's old area so he told me of some people. It's way neat that i will be proselyting next to the beach ha i never thought i would.

Have a great week!


Elder Rogers

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