Wednesday, August 17, 2011

August 15, 2011 {Email}

This week was just another regular week. Nothing too exciting happened ha just keeps on being great! Asuoyeboa is just a powerful place all the time. Just when our teaching pool starts to dwindle we are blessed with more sweet investigators. One man we contacted is Seth. He lives in an apartment building which we actually for the first time on my mission, knocked on doors. Ha yeah i thought i would be doing that everyday all day before i was called to Ghana. But we met him and he has a really crazy eye that makes it so you cant tell who he is looking at. The first moment i met him i thought to ask if someone else was home but then he talked to us and was happy to see us. He speaks great English and can read and write very well. One of the things he said that has happened while we have been here is he no longer has the desire to drink. I guess he was a terrible addict before we met him. His family even came and thanked us for the impact we have had on him. He now has come to church twice and loves the Book of Mormon. It's just another cool person we have met!

Things have been crazy in the apartment with Elder Wright preparing to go home and with this next transfer coming. We have no idea what will happen next week for the 3 of us that will be here. As for Elder Wright they are coming to pick him up Sunday right after church. So weird. He has had such a great mission and i hope i finish it like him when that time comes. This transfer is big. If i stay again i will have been here for over a year! But i know i just jinxed myself... whoops! Whatever happens, happens. I'll let ya know next week! 


Elder Rogers

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