Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August 8, 2011 {Email}

This week was amazing! We had our baptism for Adu Kofi. He is a 16 year old boy who was basically prepared to join the church before we even met him. His friend Prince had been bringing him to church for long and we didn't even know he wasn't a member. In the lessons he was teaching us and he loves reading the Book of Mormon. Everything went great with the baptism! Abuakwa also came with one person to be baptized. Along with them came Afriyie! My first convert to the church. When i left he was having a hard time coming to the church and just being devoted to the things he was supposed to do. Elder Yapo and I had a pretty good talk with him like one week before we left which i think changed his outlook on how he should be a strong member. He showed up to the baptism with a big smile on his face! I went over and talked to him and he says him and his brother Tony come to church every week and they are now preparing for a mission! They are only 16 and 17 so i won't be here to see that but it's just awesome to know that they are strong and they are keeping their baptismal covenants.
A little update on Edmond! He moved to Elder Smith's area in Atonsu, but his place is really far from the chapel so it is hard for him to find the money to come. He hadn't come until this week. I asked Elder Smith on Sunday if he came and he said he did and he even bore his testimony!! I was so excited!!! He has such a strong testimony! He also has to deal with his new job which makes him work on Sunday's so he has plenty of adversity but seems to be determined to overcome it. Elder Smith and Elder Kinikini love their family just like i did. I love hearing and seeing people still sticking to their beliefs and continuing to progress.
I love you all!

Elder Rogers 

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