Monday, January 23, 2012

January 23, 2012 {Email}

So this week has been just as good as the other. Patrick came to church and is preparing for the 4th of February for his baptism. The other three are ready to go this week! We have a new sweet investigator. I may have told you about him last week my memory is terrible so sorry if i'm on repeat. but his name is Enoch and he is 26 years old, teaches at a school and loves to play football. This guy has been powerful right from the start! We met him through a gospel conversation, which has been one of the focuses of our mission right now. It's like contacting but trying to be more personal with them and bringing the gospel into the conversation. He was interested and he has since kept every commandment. He can tell us the story of 1 nephi 1-4 better than I can ha and he loves going to church. This week we gave him a big commitment and that was to not play football on Sunday. It's something that he loves to do in the morning before church. But we were teaching the Sabbath Day and we had to tell him. I was kind of worried about how he would take it, but he humbled me right away when he said well if that is what God wants then i wont play football on Sunday. He is so ready to do whatever he has to to follow the gospel. On Sunday he didn't play and was on time to church. We were so stoked when he came in and told us he didn't play. He will be baptized on the 4th of February.
Everything has been going great! It's crazy that Elder Lawton goes home in 2 weeks! I hope you all have a  FABULOUS week! Love you all!
Elder Rogers

Me with our Ward Mission Leader "Paa Kwesi"

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