Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 30, 2012 {Email}

It was a sweet week again. We had the baptism for the four, Ruth (jennifers daughter), the two brothers Benjamin and Richmond, and Henry! It all went great. So many members came to support them so it couldn't have been any better. We are looking forward to another one this week for Enoch. We were planning on doing it for Patrick as well but he has some things he needs to work out. We are going to give him another four weeks at work to give him sometime to work them out. It will all be ok and he is still excited to be baptized! It's amazing how much a person is willing to change there life once they know this Church is true.

We have been enjoying this area so much. Transfer news is coming this week and we are both praying that we will stay. I would love to stay here for some more time and be with Elder Gibson and to continue with the people that we have going.

Ok now mom i'm sorry i didn't answer your question about the weather. But the Hamatan has gone now. It is back to being very humid! We did have a nice rainstorm for the first time in forever this week and were cold all day. That was nice. Ha.

So what else happened this week. OH! Emmanuel and his entire family came to church! They love it there and look so happy. Emmanuel is really improving on his addictions. His wife is very interested in the Church. We are so excited to see what happens with this family. They are awesome! Also the Africa Cup of Nations has begun. These people LOVE their football. Ghana has won their first two matches so far so everyone is way happy! We even saw a goal while buying some bread the other day. It was so awesome to celebrate with all of the people. The town blows up when they score a goal! GO GHANA!!!!

Elder Rogers

Picture from the baptism on Saturday
Oreo's in Ghana!! Yeah, be jealous haha i'm enjoying!

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