Monday, February 13, 2012

February 13, 2012 {Email}

This week was a great one! The baptism went perfect for Ama and Mary! Elder Gibson had the opportunity to do it this time so that was pretty cool. One of my favorite parts of the week was on Sunday. Enoch had been really sick with malaria but he still said he would make it to church. Well, church begins and still he is not there. About ten minutes later he walks in with his white shirt and tie on looking fresh with a big smile on his face. After the service we asked him what happened and he said their power was out at his house so he couldn't iron his white shirt so he had to run to the market to buy a new one! Haha yeah i thought that was pretty awesome! he was breaking the sabbath to keep the sabbath i guess ha. But he is really solid. Bishop Essien has been doing a great job of retaining these recent converts. I'm really excited for all of them.

I also got a call from Elder Wheeler the other night. He has been transferred to Atonsu, where Elder Smith was when he continued teaching Edmond and Judith. Edmond was baptized a few months ago but we all knew that. So Elder Wheeler says, "You'll never guess who i just did a baptismal interview for!" I couldn't think of it. Then he said, "JUDITH!" I was so happy! She was baptized yesterday so now the both of them are baptized. It definitely took some time, like 8 months but they've made it :) I am so happy for that family!

We are still working with Millicent and Veronica for the 25th. Not so sure Millicent will be ready by that date but we are moving forward for it! She is loving the church! She says she will never miss a week. Last night she took us to meet her parents (gave us a referral), i'm really enjoying teaching her and also trying to help her husband, Emmanuel. He is coming small small. Still has a long ways to go.

Well, everything is great! Love you all!

Elder Rogers

 Baptism for Ama and Mary (mother and daughter!)
Elder Slade and me before he went to Kamasi.
Me, Elder Gibson and Patrick before he left to sea.

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