Monday, October 11, 2010

October 11, 2010 {Email}

Elder Rogers with President and Sister Sabey
Wow, time is flying by here in Kumasi and I am loving every second of it! I really think I am starting to adjust to this lifestyle. My comp. even said today that my Ghanaian accent is starting to come ha it is so weird how when I go to talk to the Africans, my language is completely different. Its not Twi yet, but they can understand my English now. It is really fun to talk to them. The little kids are the best to! They are always just yelling OBRUNI (white man) at me ha it's quite annoying, but I would be saying the same thing if I were them because we are probably the first white people they have seen. I've been trying to teach them how to do the Pound-Explosion hand shake. Ha it is coming along but they just don't really catch on to those things cuz they haven't done anything different than what they do now.

Everything is still going good here in Africa. The baptisms were amazing! Elder Harris and I had 2, then I got to baptize Elder Vanchiere and E. Mbongs 3. So I got to do 5 total. I was pretty nervous as usual, but once I got into the font I could feel the spirit helping me through it. Baptizing Africans is actually a pretty funny. As E. Vanchieri says it is like "trying to put a cat under water" ha they hate being in water. I imagine it was pretty funny looking seeing this white man trying to throw a black person under water. It was sweet though. I could really feel the authority as I said the baptisms. It felt so so good. We baptized that Afriyie boy, he is a stud. And his older brother was there, we have been teaching him a little. I talked to him after and asked him if he wanted to do that too, he said yes! I do! The mission is awesome!

I don't have much time today so sorry thats all I got! Everything is great here in Ghana! I love it here! And I'm stoked for the Yankees! Heck yeah baby!


Elder Rogers

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