Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October 25, 2010 {Email}

Alright well as usual, another great week in Ghana!

Elder Harris and I are getting so busy lately and starting to branch out pretty far. The referrals we get are so awesome. We just got one this week of a girl named Priscilla. She had gone to the church in Asoeubwa so they directed her to us since she is in our area. The thing is she lives all the way out in Akropong! That is like a twenty minute Tro-Tro ride. I don't think any of the missionaries in Abuakwa have been out there since the area opened up so we are pretty excited to be the first ones to try and do some work out there. Priscilla is a solid investigator and we asked her after our first lesson if she had anyone that would want to hear our message as well, she said YEAH! The next day we went back out there and she had 4 friends with her!!! It was sweet! I have a really good feeling about that Akropong village. It's kind of cool to be the ones who establish the gospel there.

Everything has been going great with the work. We are still working with Tony to get him ready for baptism. It was awesome the other night when we were going to teach him. At first we couldn't find him so we went back to the apartment to wait a little bit to go to our next appointment. It was late and when we went out of the apartment to go Elder Harris looked at me and said which way should we go? To go left would be our scheduled appointment, right was towards Tony's place. At first I was like left man we have it scheduled we need to go there. Then I said a quick prayer to know which way to go and I knew we should go the other way. So I said to Elder Harris lets go to Tony's. I'm pretty sure he knew all along we should go that way. Not even kidding, one minute later as we are walking, Tony walks right into us! He was going to the apartment to find us to go and teach him. I was stunned! So we went back and taught him about Faith in Christ and Repentance. He expressed after the lesson how much he enjoyed our lessons with him and he felt good inside during the lessons and when he read the BoM. Wow, that moment was so spiritual. I could feel the Spirit so strong and I knew he could too. He was gaining a testimony. We explained what he was feeling and he understood everything. Man not only is this kid gaining a testimony, but he has already helped to strengthen mine so much. It helped me to realize how we are really just instruments in the Lord's work. We need to do all we can to allow these people to be in the situation that will allow that spirit to overcome them so they can know it is all true! I'm very grateful Elder Harris had that first instinct to go right and to let me find out for myself too. That was the spirit guiding us to that investigator that needed us at that time. It was so awesome!

Today for P-day 12 of us Elders all got together to go and hike "The Mountain". Sounds pretty intimidating huh? Ha this mountain is like the only one that is in Ghana I swear. It is all the way out west past Akropong. The funny part is it is probably barely considered a hill in St. George. But it was way sweet! We had to mob going up it since there wasn't really a trail. We felt like man v. wild climbing that thing. I kept praying to see some wildlife, but all I saw was some more of those evil lizards. It was a really fun P-day though. To top it off, when we got near the apartment there was a shop that had an old Dan Marino Dolphins jersey hung up. I had to get that! We went over there and the boss asked 6 cedis for it, but I have been getting good at bargaining so I said 4 cedis. Then I pulled my 4 cedis out of my pocket and said thats all I got. Little did he know I had my wallet in my other pocket ha. He didn't like it one bit but finally gave in. 4 cedis for a Dan Marino jersey! that is like 3 dollars in America. Not too shabby.

Well thats about it for this week! I'm looking forward to another week on mission, I love it out here!

I love you all,

Elder Zack Rogers

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