Tuesday, October 19, 2010

October 18, 2010 {Email}


Another great week in Ghana!

Everything has been going great! I am finally starting to get more confident out there along with Elder Harris' help. We have been so busy this week! The area of Abuakwa is so powerful! I love it here, everyone says how lucky I am to be in this area. The spirit is just so strong over here. This past week we have picked up quite a few investigators that seem to be pretty serious but who knows with Ghanaians. They always seem to be interested at first just so we will talk to them. It is really difficult to tell who is serious, i think that is part of the reason we are so busy, we have to keep teaching them until they make it notice to us that they aren't going to do anything with our message. We have some certain things we do to try to tell if they are serious or not and that helps a lot.

Anyways, this week was sweet! We got to go on splits with Elder Thompson, Zone Leader, on Wednesday. It was awesome, him and Elder Harris are MT's so they really were having fun teaching together. It was cool for me to be a part of it. A funny story for this day:

Ok, so we were teaching these two men who are school teachers. We were outside underneath these trees sitting on our wooden stools. To start out the lesson I kind of zoned out, which happens from time to time, but they both looked at me wanting me to say something. I had nothing! I even had to admit I zoned out right in the middle of the lesson. Ha embarrassing I know. After this the lesson started going again and was flowing really good when all of the sudden I felt something on my leg... THERE WAS A FREAKING LIZARD ON MY LEG! My family knows how much I hate lizards. So I jumped up and started to try to kick it off, but this thing was insane! It was crawling around my legs and back, oh man I was going crazy! So you can just picture this, right in the middle of the lesson I am jumping up and down screaming trying to get this thing off of me. Finally, I kicked it off and then it went towards Elder Harris, who had been laughing at me the whole time. He wasn't laughing anymore ha. The lizard gave up quick on him though. Wow it was so scary though! I really thought it was going to kill me! The people we were teaching said they had never seen that happen before, of course it happens to me!

Well besides this near death experience, everything is still going great! I love you all and wish you the best!


Elder Zack Rogers

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  1. Ok, so basically Spencer and I are dying laughing at the exciting events....lizards....in his letter. He is having quite the experiences! What an amazing missionary he is. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing his mission stories with us. We love hearing how he is doing!!!