Wednesday, January 5, 2011

January 3, 2011 {Email}

Well, I now know that Ghanaians celebrate Christmas more the week after than they do before the holiday. It has been a crazy week between all of our investigators traveling and all the members inviting us to attend their end of the year get togethers. These people will make sure you come. Last week we weren't able to make it to a couple of them and they were very upset that we weren't there, it wasn't fun apologizing to them. So we tried our best to go when we were invited and i will say our relationship with the members has improved so much over the last week. Just being around them when they aren't at church makes them a lot more comfortable with us. They also made some good food for these get togethers.

All the missionaries were invited to attend the Kumasi Stake games where each branch put together teams to compete in different sports such as ping pong, basketball, volleyball, and soccer! They even let the missionaries put a team in for volleyball and soccer. We dominated the volleyball and won the championship there ha then we were watching them play basketball and saw one of the teams win it all. After they were finished they were feeling pretty confident and told us to come play against them, so it was 3 v. 3, me, elder holmes and elder jaggi. Ha we finished them 11-1, so we were basically basketball champions too! Next was soccer, which was going to be near impossible for all us white guys. I got put in as goalie :/ which i have never done. Then i found out we were only playing 10 minute halfs so it would most likely come down to penalty kicks :/. Which it did every single game! Ah talk about pressure, i didn't block a single one, but they missed target enough times each of the three games to give us the win! We won the championship in soccer too! ha we were champions in all 3 main events. It was pretty fun and they all gained some respect for us in our soccer skills.

As for our investigators, Jennifer progressed a lot this week. She basically told her pastor that she was going to leave that church and come to ours. He was not happy about it because "it would make him look bad". He is going to do all he can to keep her, but i know that Jennifer has the spirit with her and she knows she is making the right decision. It's sweet! 

I am really excited for everything to go back to normal this next week that the holiday is over. Everyone should be coming home again and we will be busy. I wish you all a happy new year! 

Love, Elder Rogers

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