Monday, March 7, 2011

February 28, 2011 {Email}

Another good week!

Everything has been going really good for us and also time is flying! Next monday is already transfer news. It seems like Elder Yapo just got here and all of the sudden he only has one more transfer to go home. He has been pretty nervous about going home with all of the trouble going on in Ivory Coast and mostly his hometown. I can't imagine what is going on in his mind right now. It's not easy thats for sure. Today i heard that we now have acquired 3 new missionaries from the Ivory Coast mission. It's getting that bad there that they have had to ship them out. It's too bad. Why can't all of Africa be peaceful like Ghana! I'm very thankful that i am in this country, what a blessing to be able to serve with these people in Ghana!

This week we were able to get a baptismal date out of Charles! He his the father of one of the families we are teaching. We were planning on doing it this week and then working on the wife because she is not so interested but he didn't come to church so we will have to postpone it. I think it will be better because we should get a couple others to join him and hopefully the wife so we can baptize a family! This week we were expecting Juliet (Emanuel's sister) to come to church but once again she wasn't able to come... I guess her grandmother isn't going to let her come as easily as she allowed Emanuel to come. It's ok though, i know it will all work out as long as her desires are to come! As for Jennifer, we have been trying to find her! Everytime we go to her place she is not there and her phone is always off. We will continue to try and try again. Hopefully this week we will see her!

Well, this week marks my 6 month mark! not that i'm counting or anything haha jk i think every missionary counts! ;) crazy how fast it has gone so far!

Hope everything is well back home! Also i hope the Jazz will be able to do well with their new team :) AND GO BYU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haha love ya all!

Elder Rogers

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