Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March 28, 2011 {Email}

This week was really good! It started off with Juliet suddenly becoming very excited about our message. She even came to church when she was sick yesterday. It was awesome. She is slowly starting to allow herself to go with what she knows is true. I'm very excited for her. Our two baptismal candidates John and Charles weren't able to come to church this week so we are postponing the baptism again. I think that is good because maybe if all goes well Juliet could join them!

We also met the coolest little boy this week! His name is Phillip and is only 13 years old. He came to church by himself after we had invited him and some other people around him. After the service he was saying how happy he felt in the church and he wanted to be baptized and become a teacher. Ha it was so cool . He is really smart too! He memorized our phone number we gave him within a day. He's like a boy genius i swear. After teaching him a couple discussions he came to church the next week but this time he brought his whole family! It was the coolest thing! They all loved it too. Elder Yapo and I made it a goal to baptize a family before he went home. It would be hard to baptize them that quick and everything would have to go nearly perfect, but it could happen! I'm really excited about this family!

Today we finally played full-pitch football again! We had President Sabey doing the refereeing so that made it fun and fair. I'm still not getting any better but i'm trying ha. It's a good thing all i do is play defense so i can rely small on my basketball instincts. That is my only chance ha. It felt good to finally run around again and try to burn off some of my newly acquired fufu belly ha. I wish we could do that more often!

Well it's been great here in Abuakwa. Elder Yapo's days are dwindling very quickly and it is sad. I will miss him a lot. It's been really fun to work hard with him and to learn from him. 

I hope you all have a great week! I love you all!

Elder Rogers

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  1. Once again, I love his posts! He is amazing and such a great example. I hope all of the soon to be missionaries in our area have a chance to read about his adventures, testimony and love of the Lord!