Friday, March 18, 2011

March 14, 2011 {Email}

It has been another great week in Abuakwa! We added a new face to the apartment, his name is Elder Japhet. He is also Nigerian, just like Elder Mbong who left. So same situation for another transfer. It is really sweet to be living with these guys! Elder Japhet has that amazing greenie spirit and loves the work. It is cool that he is on mission, this guy is 25 years old and was baptized in 2009. Yeah, he is basically a recent convert but you wouldn't know it if you didn't ask him about it. Pretty inspiring to see what a strong testimony this guy has.

Our mission acquired 11 new missionaries Wednesday. All of them are African, 4 of them were supposed to go to Ivory Coast but came here because of the problems there. Our mission will be very young within the next few months. The work has been great. We got a lot of member referrals this week. There are 3 girls that are sisters that are really fun to go and teach. Their names are Diana, Juliet and Gifty, all around the age of 25. They are so smart and they really put us to the test with some questions about the principles we teach them. They enjoy our discussions though and are progressing very well. I heard this week about the tsunami in Japan. I'm very relieved to hear all the missionaries are ok because i was extremely worried about my good friend Elder Ovard. The Lord really protects his missionaries. They are all in my prayers as i'm sure they are in yours. 

I love you all so much!

Elder Rogers

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