Thursday, April 7, 2011

April 4, 2011 {Email}

Well, things have changed a lot in the past few days. I should tell you that i am no longer serving in Abuakwa :(. There has been an emergency transfer that cleaned out the Asuoyeboa apartment this week and I will be one of the new 4 missionaries to be serving there. Yeah, big news huh? It's crazy! At first i was very sad to be leaving Abuakwa and all the people i love and to leave Elder Yapo who will be going down to Cape Coast for his last two weeks. It was a shocker to all of us. We went around and said good bye to them, but they didn't really act as if i was going anywhere ha since Asuoyeboa is just a 15 minute tro ride. I will be in the same district! The sweet thing is i will be there to see the baptisms of my people in Abuakwa since they do them in Asuoyeboa! The two missionaries going to Abuakwa are Elder Meinzer from Utah County and Elder Gibson from Cedar City. Two sweet guys and i'm very glad they are there to continue with the people i love. They will do great! 

My new companion is Elder Wright from Thatcher, Arizona! He was actually born in Springerville, Arizona where my grandparents live so they could possibly know his family! In high school he did wrestling and of course he likes bow hunting! Gotta love the Arizona people! He has been on mission for almost 20 months and was just released as AP. I'm way excited to be able to learn from him and become a better missionary like him. He is a solid guy! The other two in our apartment are Elder Ekaette from Nigeria and Elder Chewaka from Ethiopia. They are awesome! I get to learn about Ethiopia now which seems like an awesome place. These guys are funny. The Asuoyeboa ward is powerful! Church on Sunday they all welcomed us so nicely and there were plenty of people there. The area is really big so we finally figured out how to split it. Elder Wright and I will take the Tanoso side which is the closest town to Abuakwa ha it's so weird. We have been walking a ton trying to find ourselves and the members. The work is not going to be easy since we are kind of starting from scratch but i'm way excited for it! I'm excited to have a sweet companion to do all of this with! Crazy week, but i know all of this is what the lord wants!

Elder Rogers

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