Monday, April 11, 2011

April 11, 2011 {Email}

Asuoyeboa is awesome! I love it here. It's still not quite like Abuakwa but i feel as i get to know everyone better and spend some more time here i will be able to feel that same love for the area and all of these people. It has been so hard to learn all of these new names. Man i feel like an elementary school teacher trying to remember everyone and their concerns. It's difficult when they are all black haha. We're getting there though! We have found out our area is huge! We split it in half with the other to studly missionaries, Elder Chewaka and Elder Ekaette. We have taken the Tanoso side of it and they took the Kwadaso side. Still, we have to walk forever just to get to our area. Then when we get there we have to WALK some more. Holy cow i don't think i've walked this much in all of my life put together. Well, thats an exaggeration, it just seems like a ton of walking! We have met some really cool people though. Hopefully they will continue to progress. One of the best things about this area is the chapel! It is a big white one right on the main road so there are always random people that just show up and it makes it easier for our investigators to come. It's kind of strange working in a ward now.

Being with Elder Wright is such a blessing. I have really enjoyed working hard with him. I hope we get to stay together for a little while so i can learn all that i can from him. We have had some way fun times. Today for p-day we did a talent show and our apartment did an Ethiopian culture dance in honor of Elder Chewaka. Haha it was awesome. If you are wondering what it is i'm sure youtube should have something for it. Of course we dominated since me and Elder Wright are basically professional dancers... ;). It's been a great week, and i'm really looking forward to the next one.

Have a great week!


Elder Rogers

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