Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April 26, 2011 {Email}

This week was amazing! There's not a better way to spend Easter than to have a baptism. The coolest thing was as we were preparing brother okian for the baptism, we noticed that his children were old enough to be baptized too. They had been sitting in on all of the lessons, but didn't really understand it because of the English. We asked Okian to teach them everything and then they could be baptized too. He was way excited for that! He did it and his 11 year old Joseph and 9 year old Elizabeth were baptized with him! It was so neat. His wife also came to the baptism with there 7 year old who will turn 8 next month. They should both be baptized by the end of May! So sweet! A whole family is what i have always dreamed of seeing come to the truth. We also had an old lady named Agnes baptized. This was also a cool thing because it was the mother of our Elders Quorom President Alex. He did the baptisms so he was able to baptize his mother. I love just seeing the smile on their faces as the ordinance is finished. Definitely an Easter i will never forget!

The way they celebrate easter here is strange. It is huge! They start on Wednesday and don't finish till Monday. It is more of a party than a spiritual day, I guess that's how all the other churches are. Our Easter was amazing though! What a great way to spend it having baptisms. I really have been loving my mission more than ever these last couple weeks. The work is really paying off and it is such a blessing. I hope I can just be with Elder Wright till he finishes so we can do some serious work here.

Elder Wright and I are doing great, we love this Asuoyeboa area and have just been working to get these people to know the truth. There are so many people that we just love and want so badly to come to the truth. I really believe they will come with some patience and perseverance. The work has really been getting sweet. 

I love you all and hope you have a great week! (Go Yankees!) :) 

Elder Rogers

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  1. Love the post! Zack sounds like he is doing great! I love to hear his stories. You can feel of his love and enthusiasm through his letters. What a great missionary.
    Spencer shouldn't have any trouble on his mission.....since his room pretty much looks like the bedroom picture Zack sent. ha. Looks like he is having amazing experiences and loving the wonderful people there.
    You raised an amazing son, you should be proud!! (in a good way!!)
    -Amy Call