Thursday, October 13, 2011

October 10, 2011 {Email}

Well, this week was a sweet week! We have found a new family that i love just like all the other families i have talked about. Their names are Justice and Efua, their children, Victor (17), Stanley (10), and Kelvin (6). They are strong Methodists and live right behind the big Methodist church. We met them through other missionaries that were teaching Victor in our area, so they gave him to us. He has gone to school, but we met his family! They are all very smart and they seem to have enjoyed the message a lot. On Saturday night we had a really cool lesson about Families. Sister Efua really enjoyed it and wants to start trying the things we suggested so that their home can have more happiness. We haven't gotten to far yet into the message, but they know the direction we are going and all say they are willing to learn and find out if it's true. We look forward to teaching them this next week!

The past 3 days Cape Coast hosted a huge Muslim convention right down at the Victoria Park. It was awesome seeing thousands of Muslims walking around and doing their prayers and stuff. Their religion is definitely different but i respect them greatly for their devotion to it. All of them are strong in their faith. We went and walked around it and noticed they were selling Muslim clothing! Ha me and Elder Lawton are looking pretty good in our long Muslim gowns! It was a cool experience.

The work has been moving along nicely. This week was good for us to see some progression in our investigators and we even received two referrals! I'm excited for the next week to come. I also am very depressed about the Yankees losing! But hey, they can't win them all right? Next year baby!! 


Elder Rogers

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