Monday, October 3, 2011

October 3, 2011 {Email}

Wasn't this week just one of the greatest weeks? I think when all of you are having a great week i am also having a great week. I'm so glad you got to meet Elder Lehr and Elder Wright. ha that's funny how you recognized Lehr by his tie. Both those guys i was really close with and i miss them a ton. I hope you enjoy all the stuff. And i'm so glad the pictures made it there safely again, we have been so blessed so far with that.

Well, Elder Lawton and I just came back from the mission home saying good bye to all the missionaries that are going. So many people that i have grown to love and just feel like they are my best friends. It's so crazy to see them go and it once again hits me that mission will one day come to an end. They all said it is bitter sweet. ELDER HARRIS came early with Elder Holmes so they could find some last minute souveniers so i got to walk around town with them all day! It was awesome to see him again since it has been like 8 months! He is still the same guy that i loved being around. I was sad to say goodbye to them but i'm sure i will see them again.

Also, transfer news came this week! Elder Lawton and I are staying, sweet! The coolest thing is that Elder Smith is coming to Abura, the other zone in Cape Coast, to be a zone leader! So I will get to see him all the time again and find out what happened to Edmond and Judith! I'm excited to be around him again.

The work is moving right along. We had three more people come to church this week along with Selena again! We found out that Selena has some problems with being married to a man that actually has another wife so we can't baptize her unless she divorces :(. We haven't told her that yet since we've been taking it slow, but we're going to have to let her know soon. It's too bad because she loves the church. We'll see what happens and of course hope for the best. The other three really enjoyed the church and say they will keep coming. It was a good week for us with meeting new people that are interested.

The whole weekend i kept thinking about how sweet it is that a prophet of the Lord was speaking to the rest of the world at the same time we were here. I can't wait to hear or read the messages from General Conference. We should get them next month. I'm way jealous that my family got to go there!

Well, this week is transfers and we have 18 new missionaries coming and i heard one is from St. George so that's cool. We will be busy as usual ha. Have a great week! Go Yankees!

Elder Rogers

Our family ran into Elder Lehr after the Saturday morning session of Conference. Good thing Dad and Kyle were sporting their Ghana ties like Elder Lehr so they could make the connection!

We were lucky enough to meet Elder Wright and got to talk to him for a while and pick up a bunch of stuff that Zack sent home with him.

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