Monday, October 31, 2011

October 31, 2011 {Email}

Before i start anything i would like to wish everyone a Happy Halloween and more importantly my Grandma Bullock a Happy Birthday!!! I love you Grandma!

This week was a crazy one. We had a lot of meetings to go to including a sweet interview we each had with President Shulz. They came around to each apartment to check them and to meet with each of us. So the day before he told us to take the whole day and do a deep cleaning. WOW! I don't think i have been that exhausted in a long time. It did take ALL day too! But our apartment is very clean and it feels a lot better.

Right now we have two really solid investigators. They are both older women and one of them has two little children with her. The reason they are solid is because they are both referrals from members and the members are continually helping them, whether it's going and reading the pamphlet with them when we aren't there or they are helping them come to church. They are both having a great experience learning about the church. I'm so proud of the members for how they are working.

Speaking of working with the members. Yesterday all the missionaries taught the 3rd hour of church in their wards. It was 5th sunday so everyone was in the sacrament hall. It was a great opportunity for us to help them see what they can do as members to get the missionary work going. I pray that they understood and will act upon it. If they do then the Cape Coast 1st ward is going to be strong very soon!

Some good news! Elder Smith told me that Edmond and Judith up in Kumasi have been going to church the past two weeks and will be baptized soon!!! I guess Edmond quit his job and since then he has been going to the church. He is powerful! I'm so happy for their family.


Elder Rogers

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