Tuesday, December 20, 2011

December 19, 2011 {Email}

This week was a good week. The Christmas spirit definitely is here in Ghana. Everyone gets excited for it, but its cool because it's more because of the real purpose of Christmas, to remember Christ, instead of for gifts. That is something i have always had a problem with. I always get so caught up in the gifts and not really focusing on the true meaning. Hopefully that is something i can take home with me from being here in Ghana. These people really have their priorities right, and i think they still would if they had all that we had back in America. they are just great people.

This week we have been focusing on helping one of our long lost members overcome an addiction to alcohol. He was baptized ten years ago and stopped coming to church about 9 years ago. He is like the most popular police man in Cape Coast since he is around 6'7" tall and HUGE around the waist. ha but he is the most friendly guy i have ever met. he stopped us one day and said i have a problem and i want to stop and i want to be baptized again. So we have been trying to help him. It's definitely out of our normal routine, but it has been good. He is not having much success right now. The good part was he chose to come to church this week where he really enjoyed it! I hope that will help him to get a little more strength.

Everything else is moving right along. Patrick has gone off to his oil platform at sea so the countdown is on for him to come back. Only 3 more weeks! We had our Christmas party this week and got to watch Forever Strong. It was really sweet. President and Sister Shulz do so much for us, they are amazing! I can't believe it's already Christmas again, so crazy!!

Elder Rogers

Jennifer, Charlotte and Paa Kwesi's Baptism
Christmas Dinner

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