Monday, December 5, 2011

December 5, 2011 {Email}

This week was awesome! It went just as planned with the baptism and all. Jennifer and Charlotte were both baptized on Saturday then confirmed on Sunday. The coolest thing was Charlotte is dating our ward mission leader Paa Kwesi and he was the one who referred her to us before he was even dating her. So they have progressed a lot in their relationship even getting closer to being married. She didn't join for him though, she did it because she knew it was true. I've really enjoyed the time we've had to teach her and see her learn more. At the baptism we had Paa Kwesi do the baptizing and they both had the biggest smiles on their faces during the ordinance. It was powerful! Paa Kwesi doesn't like to show his emotions much so of course he was trying to hide the smile and look serious the whole time, but we caught him smiling ha. He also confirmed her on Sunday. This guy just had the most rewarding week of his life! On Friday he went to the temple to be Endowed then Saturday he baptizes his girlfriend and Sunday confirms her. Can't think of a better week than that!

We have a couple people that we are preparing for baptism on the 25th but they both live in a different ward but work here in our area. It has been really fun to be the ones to teach them and then know they go to church at the other place.

Today Elder Gibson and I had an opportunity to do some service. One of our investigators has been helping a Health Service place to go around and hang free mosquito nets over peoples beds in every house. We were able to help them do it for a few hours. It was way fun! Going in and just seeing these people so happy to receive these nets so they can stop sleeping with mosquitos all night. Really humbling experience. Well, we are looking forward to another sweet week!

Elder Rogers

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