Monday, April 16, 2012

April 16, 2012 {Email}

This week was great! Benjamin, Patience and their daughter Christabel were baptized. THey were also supposed to have their 11 year old son Aaron join them but i guess he ran out with his friends and they couldn't find him ha so hopefully we can get him baptized soon as well so he can join his family! We even left during the middle of church to look for him but had no luck. But the three were baptized! It was way cool too because we did it right after church so the entire ward came to support them. It was one of the best baptisms i've been a part of. Poor little Christabel was terrified of the water too. She wanted nothing to do with going under, but after a few tries it finally happened and she was so relieved. She is very happy she doesn't ever have to do that again ha. We have been meeting a lot of new people this past week and even having some of our investigators who are really busy start to have time for us. Hopefully it will continue so that we can help them progress like they were before they were busy. For right now we don't have any planned baptisms but it should start to pick up again soon. Another crazy thing is that Elder Gibson is going home in 2 weeks! It's so weird being a companion to a missionary that is going home. He handles it well though so it's not too hard on me. Time is just flying by! He really has had the best way to finish his mission with all of these powerful people we have met and experiences that we have had. It will be sad to see him go. He only has to hand wash his clothes one more time!!! That is what i am most jealous of haha.

Well, i hope all is well for you back home! Go Yankees!!

Elder Rogers

Elder Gibson and me with Benjamin & Patience's family on their baptism day.

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