Monday, April 9, 2012

April 9, 2012 {Email}

This week was full of trying to find some more people to teach and also preparing Benjamin, Patience and their two kids for baptism on this Sunday coming. We aren't having the same success with our contacting before even though we are out doing it the same way. But we're doing our best and know that the people come. Elder Gibson came up with a brilliant idea to do a fireside where each ward member is expected to bring an investigator. We're planning on that by the end of the month. It should help us to get our teaching pool going again. It's just a manner of using different tactics I guess. One month the contacting is the thing working and the next month it's referrals. Mission just keeps us on our toes ha.

Also we have been really enjoying going around and teaching our recent converts about the temple and family history. Jennifer is so excited!! She is already finding names and going to our family history teacher to put them in the computer so she can be prepared for the temple trip where they will take the recent converts on April 21st. They will have a great experience there. We've given the temple liahona to Millicent and she is amazed at how beautiful the temple is. It's really exciting to see them continuing to progress after their baptisms.

It was easter weekend! Easter is one of the most celebrated holidays in Ghana. A lot of the shops have been shut down since Friday. In Cape Coast they have huge conventions for certain churches where members from all over Ghana come and stay the weekend and worship the entire Easter. So we have been surrounded by really loud music, pastors screaming in tongues and loud prayers ha. It's cool to see their culture but when it's like a hundred meters from the apartment and they go all night then it gets on my nerves a little ha. They are all leaving now so we can have our peaceful sleep back, thank goodness ha!

Well, i hope everyone had a great Easter. And i just gotta throw this in here, GO YANKEES!! I know they lost but what's three games out of 162. It's all good!

I love you all!

Elder Rogers

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