Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April 23, 2012 {Email}

Hey mom! Thank you for the package!!!! It is great! I am loving every bit of it! And millicent's little girl had her birthday on Saturday so we gave her that kite you sent and we taught her how to fly it on the beach. She loves it! Thank you for being so thoughtful. and Millicent loves the Friend magazine! I am totally in on going to disneyworld in florida with the family. You know if you want to go back in august i have no problem with that! :) That would be so much fun! 

This week we got Benjamin and Patience other son baptized! Ha on Saturday the Cape Coast 2nd ward had a baptism so we were able to join them and they were confirmed together. It worked out great! Also during this week we have been seeing alot of our recently contacted people. A couple of them are seeming pretty serious. There is a lady named Josephine that owns one of those shops where they sell all the souvenirs. She had been taught long ago but didn't understand really and she loved her church. She came to church last week and saw the baptism as well. She enjoyed it alot so when we saw her she had a lot of questions. Her main question was why do we not do collection? After explaining that to her and how it is not part of Christ's doctrines to pay collection she was really startled because her church is all over paying collection. She came again yesterday to witness our Church again and seemed to enjoy. I'm excited to discuss the Restoration with her! I feel like it will all click as we go through it. The cool thing is the people that own those shops usually aren't responsive at all because they just want us to come and see their stuff and not talk gospel, but she is a serious woman.

We have a couple other people progressing right now. Our main focus is still finding more people. We will have our fireside this week so hopefully that can help the members to bring some more of their friends to the Church. Everything is going great! It is definitely strange being a companion to a going home missionary. Elder Gibson will be going on Monday next week! Also our big transfer news is coming on Saturday! I'm excited to find out who my new companion will be. Go Yankees!

Mom, thank you for everything! I was wondering if it's possible for you guys to register me to vote this year. I would love to be able to vote for Romney when i get back if it's possible. Well, i hope you have a great week! I'm glad you enjoyed Florida :)

Love you!

Elder Rogers

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