Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 16, 2012 {Email}

As a district today we watched 17 miracles and we all enjoyed the m&m's and skittles. That was my first time seeing that movie and it's gotta be one of my favorites! I'm also way grateful for the things to give to the ward members. I will do that in some kind of fun way for them before i go.

With the mission split things do feel a lot more focused. I know that President Shulz is very excited to see what we can do now as a mission. It definitely is weird being separated from them up in Kumasi. They gave both missions new phone numbers so there is no communication anymore, kind of sad. We had our council this week and a lot of it is just how we can better work with members and get them to do missionary work too. President and the AP's have been very inspired with the plan they have put together. We will be strengthening our members in missionary work a lot more then we have been. It's pretty cool to get these new ideas and we get to try them out on members that we already know very well. I feel so good with these members here, they are just like family. The work is going to improve even more as we put this new plan in motion.

Lucy and her kids are doing awesome!! We are hoping that they will be baptized before i go, but it's not set yet. The other night they all came to the church to watch the Restoration film with us. It was great and now the kids know a lot more about Joseph Smith. Lucy was teaching them all as the movie was going, just showing us that she has really made it a part of her life. We have been so blessed to be able to teach this family, they are so powerful.

Everything is going just great here! I hope all is well back home. I love you all.


Elder Rogers

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