Monday, July 9, 2012

July 9, 2012 {Email}

This week was another good one! We have been blessed with powerful investigators like Imeh (rasta man) and Lucy (the mother). Imeh came to church again and loved it. Lucy was sick on Sunday :( but she is very certain she will come this week. Both of them we are pretty sure will be baptized sometime but we feel we should let them get settled before we rush right into giving a baptismal date. I've always been the one to get so excited and just give it right away, but from the past i've seen those baptismal dates get postponed for various reasons. We want to set a solid date for them when they know they are ready for it! Hopefully in the next couple weeks we can have a date for them after they come to church one or two more times! With Lucy we had an awesome lesson on the Word of Wisdom and all of the little kids were sitting around. These little kids are smart telling us all of the things they shouldn't take ha they knew more then i did. We are having some difficulties with the older daughter because all of her friends are in another church and she wants to stay with them. She's a typical teenager ha and i can understand why she would do that.Everything is just going great here! I get to celebrate another birthday in Ghana this week so i'm stoked for that. We'll probably have a big coke and make some burritos ha i can't wait! Have a great week everyone! 

Elder Rogers

Elder Saili and me at Takoradi last week
The Cape Coast 1st ward
Victor and his family at his baptism
Our baptism on June 9th. Mankessim branch and Cape Coast 2nd Ward also joined us 

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