Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July 2, 2012 {Email}

So yeah, it is official that the mission has split. It's strange to think that Kumasi is now separated from us. Kind of weird that i served for a year in a different mission than i am in now. But it's going to be so awesome to see how both of these places can grow with having more focus from the mission presidents.

So last week i remember telling you that we were kind of having a hard time finding some serious investigators. Well, with a lot of searching and praying we have got some serious people now! One kid named Enoch Dadzie has been coming to church whenever he is back from school and he was here on sunday so we found out he will be back for a while at the start of August. So when he gets back he will be baptized on August 11th! We were so blessed to meet him and he is ready for it. We also had a rastafarian man we have been working with come to church. That was his problem, he accepted all the teachings and even had the desire to be baptized but the joining a church thing was the problem holding him back. We have been trying to just get him to come for over 3 weeks and this week he finally showed up with his sweet dreadlocks ha. I was very grateful that all the members were friendly with him there, and he loved it! We'll see where it goes from here but i really enjoy teaching this guy. 

We also had a woman named Lucy come with two of her children. Same thing, we have been trying to get her to come for a while too and finally she made it. When sacrament meeting ended our relief society president ran over to her and gave her a huge hug. I guess they are sisters! It was pretty sweet so now she has a great friend in the church! We'll also see where it goes with her! Everything is still great and now it's even better because we got some people acting upon the message. It makes the work exciting. I am thankful to be here.

Today for P-day we went to Takoradi to play football. I was so excited to go there because i have never seen any place in the cape coast mission except for cape coast itself. Takoradi is a way cool place and i wish i could've had some small time to serve over there but it's all good where i am now.

It's been a good week! I hope you all have a great week!

Elder Rogers

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