Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The First Letter

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Dear Family {Mom, Dad, Kortney, Kacey and Kyle and Tripp :)}

Thank you all for the letters, they were perfect and I opened them just barely which gave me the boost that I very much needed. I love every single one of you so much and pray for you guys everyday..all day. Kyle, thanks for the updates please keep them coming! It's kinda depressing being the only missionary who plays or even knows about baseball. Ha I just don't think I'm going to be pulling out the glove for awhile. 

Well, you probably want to know about the MTC! It is sweet and it doesn't even feel like I'm in Africa because it is so secluded from the city. It looks like a hotel with 3 levels and is by far the nicest building in the area. I live on the 3rd floor and I get to watch our neighbors out the window when I'm in the room. It is so AFRICA! Ha they are always out cleaning or just talking and they have goats and chickens roaming around. It's really fun to watch. 

I have two companions, Elder Smith and Elder Onuah, they are way cool, we are the only companionship of 3. Elder Smith is from Morgan, Utah and Elder Onvah is from NIGERIA! There are only 6 Americans here, the other 60 are Africans and half of them speak French! I feel so weird ha and I can hardly understand the ones that speak English! It is fun though, they are way fun to be around. 

The worst part about all of this is the HUMIDITY! I'm sweating constantly, even when I sleep or at least try to sleep cause it is so hot! I'm just going to have to get used to it. 

I have some good info! This pouch system is awesome. I can put my stuff {pictures, more letters} into envelopes and it will still go through the pouch and from here to the U.S. it could be as fast as 2 days. But you guys need to keep doing the same thing with the 1 page folded into 3. 

I had a funny experience today. I was at lunch sitting by Elder Ngelka, who doesn't know much English, and he was asking me about my CTR ring. So, I ended up letting him look at it and sure enough he put it right on his finger and called over another Elder to translate for him and he said how grateful he was for me and I will make an amazing missionary. Ha we are now best friends. I guess he looks pretty good with that CTR ring on his finger :) I learned my lesson though, not to share with anyone!

{I will try to send some pictures in my next letter, I still have to get them developed and take more.}
The classes are way good, we have two African former missionaries as our instructors. We have been learning how to begin teaching and ask questions. It has been pretty tough for me to figure out, but hopefully it will come as I keep going. 

Oh! The food here is weird! So much different. We have been having a lot of spicy foods and they give us tons! Somehow all the Africans, even the Sisters, eat it all but us Americans can barely eat half ha I do not know where they store it! 

Well, you need to fill me in on everything that is going on! I miss home a lot and want to especially know how Tripp is doing. Tell him I love and miss him. And I miss each and every one of you! Sorry, this letter is so unorganized, I'll figure it out! 

Love you, 

Elder Rogers

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  1. Ahh!! He sounds like he is doing AMAZING!! Kort, the blog is awesome. What a great way to share the updates and life of an incredible missionary. I love the CTR ring story. That is a crack up. Guess you know what you can get him for Christmas! Ha! Thanks for raising such an amazing missionary. He is a great example to all of us and I look forward to reading his updates and stories and adventures! Thanks for sharing!!