Monday, September 27, 2010

September 27, 2010 {Email}

Hello from Kumasi!

Wow this place is so awesome! It's crazy how different it is from the states but it is how they live every single day. It's really cool. The weather here is not so cool ha it is either pouring rain or blazing sun that just makes you sweat like you have never sweated before, so either way you are always soaking wet, which I guess will have to be ok. There are only a couple of roads made of asphalt and all the rest are dirt, this place is a maze! Elder Harris and I are both new to the area so its going to take us a while to figure out where everything is, but its fun just walking around and seeing all these things that I haven't seen yet. Basically the only animals I've seen so far are goats, sheep, lizards (lots of lizards :( ) and stray dogs, which reminds me of tripp everytime and I just want to pick them up! Oh, and of course the roosters! Wow they never shut up, Mom if you want to send that blow gun so I could change that feel free ha I'm kidding. 

As for food, it is pretty simple. Rice, Egg Sandwich (my favorite), Oatmeal, or Indomie (ramen), which I haven't tried yet. This is the hardest part for me is getting used to the lack of choice for food! I miss being able to go to wendy's and order whatever you want and have ten or so things on the dollar menu. I'll get used to it though, everyone does somehow. 

The way for transportation is pretty crazy, you take these Tro-Tro's, which are like vans that fit 15 people in them and you pay like 20 pesois. But, you have to get really familiar with all the areas so you don't get on the wrong ones. It is so ghetto ha. We took a taxi to p-day today, which was nicer but more expensive.

We got to go to our Branch for the first time, which is in the same building as us. So awesome! They had me and Elder Harris get up and bear our testimonies. It went great except the whole rest of the meeting was in Twi! They all speak it all the time and make fun of me because I don't understand a thing. That is a must for this area, we both are going to have to learn Twi. It's cool though I'm excited to figure it out. It was really good to meet all the members, they have amazing strength and the spirit was so strong there. It is very close to becoming a ward which is a pretty big deal I guess. All of our missionary work basically goes off of referrals so it is key to become close with the members. They are amazing. 

The first day me and Elder Harris went teaching we had a member (Ajykum) go around with us and introduce us to the investigators that were being taught by the missionaries before us. He is a stud! Only been in the church for 3 months and has more knowledge than me I swear ha. But it was good because he translated all the Twi for us, until he decided to take over the lessons and then we would just sit there not having a clue what they were talking about. Ha it is funny. 

Today for P-day both zones met in Bantama at the chapel. It was way fun and I brought my ball gloves and baseball. All the guys were so excited to see that! They all had been wishing they brought theirs. So it was fun to play catch with all of them. I may need some more baseballs later on in the mish, i'll let you know mom ;) don't send them yet. 

Well this is about all I got for now! I love you all! 

Elder Rogers

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