Thursday, September 23, 2010

September 12, 2010 {Letter}

Wow! I can't believe I'm out a week already. It has been such a different experience than anything I have ever had, but I really like it. Well, I don't know if you got my first letter or not, I guess we'll figure this whole mailing thing out. Actually, probably by the time you get this I will be out in the field so we can email! This is crazy!

We had a chance to go to the temple on Friday. The temple was beautiful and yes Mom I took pictures ha. But it was way small! Only one endowment room and veil. The cool thing is you feel the same way you would in St. George. I got to do some sealings in French, that was a really neat experience! It was so good to be back in a temple. Take advantage of having ours so close, it is such a blessing!

These Elders here are so funny! We had a little issue today ha. So, I guess the French Africans like don't need any sleep so they stay up all night talking loud and in French. We get so frustrated with it! I even learned "A la zi fuku shey" which means "Go to bed!" They don't listen though. So, today in sacrament meeting, (I got called to talk by the way and it went pretty good I think) Elder Limu, who is from Zimbabwe, serving in Cape Coast, gets up and talks and ends his testimony by saying to the French that they need to go to sleep on time. Ha tempers were flaring! We had to get the President to sort it all out during priesthood, it was hilarious!

Well, I gotta go and do some stuff, I hope I'm doing alright with these letters. If there is anything you want me to change please tell me. Tell everyone hi for me please! I miss you guys more than you know, but I know this is where the Lord wants me to be! Thank you all for being such great support! I can feel your prayers and am so grateful. Maybe next time I write you or you hear from me I will have a baptism! I love you guys so much, I have the best family ever!

Love you,

Elder Rogers

P.S. Sorry this paper is kind of wrinkled, that is how humid it is here all the time! We had rain one day and that was amazing! Ok, bye!

One more thing, tell Andrew and Monks to write me and let me know how to contact them on their mission. Thanks!

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