Wednesday, September 29, 2010

September 19, 2010 {Letter}

This letter was actually written before the email we got from Zack this week but it just came in the mail today.

Time is flying by! I can't believe I will be leaving the MTC in two days. It's really exciting, but also really scary. I don't feel ready at all, hopefully I'll get an awesome trainer that can help me improve quickly. Everything has been going good though. I remember one time dad was talking about when he had to go separate ways from the guys he was in the MTC with. I understand why it was hard. It's like these guys have been my friends forever. I wish I could just serve the whole mission with them, it would make things a lot less intimidating. I guess we will be seeing each other a lot since our mission only has two stakes. Oh, the booklet was wrong. The Ghana Cape Coast mission doesn't have Togo or Benin in it. Everyone's a packet was so different, some even said that Cameron was a part of it. So, I guess I can relax on the learning how to speak French. Instead I need to start learning how to speak Twi and Fanti ha they are the main tribal languages. I have learned a little bit, but not enough. The locals will get so excited when they see us trying to speak their language and it can help in gaining their trust.

Yesterday we had our first big rainstorm, it was awesome! It wouldn't stop at all, it even canceled our first proselyting activity. Who knew they had rain delays in missionary work? It worked out good though cause we got to watch an amazing talk given by Elder Holland about how we need to give it our all while we're out here. He is by far the best motivational speaker I have heard. It really lifted us up and made us excited to get out in the field.

The food has been starting to taste good! I love rice and beans...for now ha who knows how I'll feel about them later. I think I have eaten more oranges in the last two weeks than I have my whole life. And fufu, well I'm starting to figure it out, if I'm really hungry it is great! But, if I can choose something else to eat I definitely will.

I hope everything is going well at home with all of you! Especially with Tripp and the Yankees ha. I heard BYU got blown out by Air Force. That's a bummer, well maybe next year! Well, I love you guys so much, never forget that. You guys are the best family and I'm so thankful to have been lucky enough to be a part of this family. Love you so so much!

Elder Rogers

Oh, you should see my sweet comb over! :)

I just had a really cool experience during fast & testimony meeting. So, you remember Elder Ngelka, the one that kind of took my ring from me ha. Well, he was bearing his testimony in French and all of a sudden he says "Elder Rogers", but I had no idea what he said about me and all the French looked back at me. I was so confused. Later I found out that he said he was so grateful that he came across the Book of Mormon cause if he hadn't he could never have met me. Wow, it was really touching and I guess it's cool that he has my ring now. I just wanted to tell you that sweet story. Ok, bye! I love you all!

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